About Bluelib

Parking fees may apply at off-street locations, whilst parking at on-street charge points will generally be free. However, please make sure to check the signage by the charge point to know whether any parking charges do apply.

Bluelib is a network of charging points in Lille European Metropolis. You have the possibility to subscribe to a 1 year membership or, for non-subscribers, to use charging points on the spot. The Pass Pass card is compatible with Bluelib service.

From a landline it will be the price of a local call. Please check with your mobile operator for call costs if you are calling from a mobile.

To subscribe to Bluelib, all you need is a compatible EV, and a payment card. You can sign up for membership here. You do not need any documents. Once your subscription has been confirmed, you will receive a membership card which will enable you to access all of the Bluelib charging points and a mandate of SEPA credit transfer.

We accept debit and credit VISA, MASTERCARD and MAESTRO cards.

You can park at a charging point station as long as necessary. You must know that you will be billed even if your electric vehicle is already fully charged.

Different rates applied according to the period of the day, weither you charge in Lille zone or in other cities around Lille and weither you are a Bluelib member or not:
Day time rates with subscription
Lille zone : 2€/hour the first 2 hours then 4€/hour
Out of Lille zone : 4€/hour the first 2 hours then 8€/hour


Night time (10pm to 7am) rates with subscription
1€/hour capped at 5€
Please refer to the rates displayed on the charging point.


Day time rates without subscription
Lille zone : 3€/hour the first 2 hours then 6€/hour
Out of Lille zone : 6€/hour the first 2 hours then 8€/hour


Night time (10pm to 7am) rates without subscription
1€/hour capped at 8€
Please refer to the rates displayed on the charging point.


Bluelib can be used by both corporate and individual customers. If you wish to subscribe as a company, please send us your request using our contact form

Bluelib allows you to charge your electric vehicle using Bluelib charge points around Lille European Metropolis.

To access service, you simply need to register to receive a membership card that will allow you to use the charge points across the metropolis and park at any of the spaces in our network. Please note that parking charges and session fees might apply.

Once you have subscribed and received your membership card, you can reserve our new charge points up to 40 minutes in advance directly from our mobile app or from your online account.

If you have more than one vehicle, you will need to set up an individual membership per vehicle as you can only register one electric vehicle per membership.

Memberships are only allowed in one person's name and associated with one email address, so we are unable to issue a second membership card for a same account.

You will be able to use the recharging stations until the end of your subscription, i.e. 25 November 2020.

The European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) has decided to break our contract, leading to the inevitable end of the Bluelib service.


Please contact us immediately on 01 85 15 15 99 as this may represent a danger. Please do not attempt to use or touch the charge point if you see any damage.
You can update your information at any time by logging into your [online account]. Once you are logged in, just access the “my personal information/my information” page and change it from there. You can only have one email address per account.

If you have lost your membership card, you can call our customer service team on 01 85 15 15 99 to request a new card. Please note that fees of 10€ will apply when issuing a new card.

If you card is faulty or you have found a Bluelib card, please send it to : Bluelib - 23 rue du Professeur Victor Pauchet - 92420 Vaucresson.

In order to report your membership card as stolen, please contact our customer service team on 01 85 15 15 99. We will then deactivate the card and issue a replacement one.

At some charge points there might be a slight delay while the card is being checked. Please allow up to 10 seconds before trying again.
Always look at the screen display for instructions and guidance on when / how to present your card to the unit.
If it still does not work, please contact us on 01 85 15 15 99.
Our contact centre will investigate the issue and if we can’t resolve it over the phone we will advise the charge point manufacturer of the fault.
If the car itself is faulty, we will not be able to assist and recommend that you call your car manufacturer.

Start by ensuring that you are following the instructions on the charging point. Do not make any attempt to force the cable out.
If there seems to be a problem, you can call our customer service team at  01 85 15 15 99.

The rules governing Bluelib parking bays depend on where they are located. Some bays may allow both electric and non-electric vehicles to park. Please check the signage at the charge point to confirm what regulations apply. Whilst we will make sure we do everything we can to keep Bluelib bays exclusive to electric vehicles where it is possible, it is the responsibility of the municipal police to enforce the parking regulations. Please report any vehicles illegally occupying dedicated electric vehicle bays to your municipal police.

We will store your personal information in accordance with our personal data management policy and our legal obligations.

You can terminate your subscription before the end of the term by sending a registered letter to the following address:

Société Bluelib, Service ADV
23 rue du Professeur Victor Pauchet – 92420 Vaucresson

Please note that your subscription will automatically end on 25 November 2020.

If you were a Bluelib "with subscription" customer, a refund of one year's subscription fee (10€) was made on the day the closing information email was sent to you in your "my account" section. This may take about ten days to appear on your bank account.

No, your badge will be deactivated at the end of your subscription. You do not need to return it.

You can pay your pending bills via the Bluelib application or from the site (My account / My bills / Pending bills).

Charging points

Charge points are designed such that no power will go through the cable as long as they are not plugged in at both ends. We do not consider that there is more risk when plugging it when it is raining.

You can check the compatibility of your car with Bluelib charge points on the UKEVSE website. For further information, please call the customer service at 01 85 15 15 99

As different charge points will have different procedures, the easiest way to find out how to use a charge point is by following the instructions on the screen.

There are two different types of charge points in the Bluelib network. The majority are double headed T2 of 7kWh each, and some of them are T2/EF plugs of 7 kWh and 1.8kWh. They should charge your car from 0% to 75% in 3 or 9 hours respectively. We recommend you to check the compatibility of your vehicle with this type of charge point.

Serial number are at the back of the charging point. This number usually starts by 986 followed by 000 and a further 4 digits, eg 9860001234.

The easiest way to find information about the locations and compatibility of the charge points is on our station map or on our mobile app.

All of our charge points are marked with the Bluelib logo.

We do not know the will of the European Metropolis of Lille on this subject.