Closure of the service

The Métropole Européenne de Lille has decided to initiate the process of terminating the partnership agreement with the Bluelib Company, which will prevent us from continuing to provide this service.

Therefore, we regret to announce the forthcoming closure of the Bluelib electric vehicle recharging service..

It is no longer possible to take out a subscription.

We invite you to consult our FAQ. For any further information you can contact us from your Bluelib account.

An efficient network of charging points to support mobility in Lille European Metropolis

A solution by the Bollore Group as part of their project in favour of electromobility and smart cities

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What is Bluelib?

Bluelib provides a high quality charging network available to all electric and hybrid vehicles. We offer both a subscription-based access with reduced rates, and a pay-as-you-go option that allows the public to access the charge point directly on the spot, according to their needs. Pass Pass card owners will be able to synchronise their Bluelib subscription with their travel pass, making Bluelib even easier to use and more convenient.

A premium service Booking and assistance 24/7
An essential collaboration Deployment from 2018 to 2020(2)
No fees For communities(1)
Interoperability actor Member of the AFIREV(3)

(1) Installation costs (charging points and connections), commissioning, maintenance and operations are provided by the Bolloré Group, without any costs for communities.
(2) The geographic coverage will be carried out in consultation with municipalities and project holders, to ensure consistency with existing and future projects. The AMF et the FNCCR (energy trade unions) had prepared a proposal of lease agreements on the public domain for municipalities to facilitate the procedures.
(3) In terms of operability, Blue Solutions is a founding member of the AFIREV, an association which gathers major operators for e-mobility to coordinate initiatives and elaborate standards between stake holders to promote interoperability for roaming.


Regular user or casual user? Choose the formula which suits you best!
- With subscription: benefit from advantageous rates and book a charging point in advance
- Without subscription: access to the charging point directly on the spot


incl tax (VAT at 20%)
All cities
(out of Lille)
2 first hours (€/h) 2€1 4€1
Above 2 hours (€/h) 4€ 8€
Night 10pm - 7am (€/h) 1€ capped at 5€2
The possibility of booking
a charging point in advance


incl tax (VAT at 20%)
All cities
(out of Lille)
2 first hours (€/h) 3€1 6€1
Above 2 hours (€/h) 6€ 8€
Night 10pm - 7am (€/h) 1€ capped at 8€2

1 Minimum fee is 20 minutes for every charging session during the day, equivalent to 0,66€ outside Lille by day and 1,33€ in Lille by day for subscribers and 1€ outside Lille by day and 2€ in Lille by day for non-subscribers.
2 Minimum fee is 1 hour for every charging session by night, equivalent to 1€.

How does it work?

Using the Bluelib network is as easy as 1,2,3!

1. Reserve

If you are a Bluelib member, you can book your charging point in advance online: via our website or mobile app.

2. Charge

On-street points allow you to charge and park at the same time.

3. Drive

Ready to roll? Unplug your charged car and drive off to your destination.